Friday, March 4, 2011

Gotta love 50% off Michaels Crafts Coupon!! today and tomorrow

Michales 50% COUPON

I love the 50% ones. Only good for one item per coupon/per customer/per day. It never fails- dear daughter tells me she needs __________ for a school project due tomorrow! It just happened this week! Well I try to print out these coupons or find the ones in the Sunday ads, and just keep them in my wallet- that way they don't get lost like everything else in the house! The nice thing is, if she needs a few things, you just print out a few and you both check out with a coupon!
And don't forget ACMoore and Joann's will also accept competitor coupons, and these can be used there as well- just not on fabric.

Happy crafting!

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