Friday, March 4, 2011

MegaSwagBucks Friday!!

For those of you who just joined Swagbucks, every Friday is Mega SwagBucks, which means better odds of winning BIG Swag Bucks denominations - up to 10,000 in one search! (The most I have gotten is 50, but I like to get at least 30 a day, so in one search I surpassed my goal!!) I do have a friend who got 500! Wow!
If you have yet signed up, check it out-
Search & Win

If you aren't using Swagbucks, why not join now! It is a great day to join !

If you are not familiar with Swagbucks, here is some information:
Basically, you get paid to search! Seriously….when you search through “Swagbucks” search engine, you could win Swagbucks that can be redeemed for cash through Paypal, git cards, etc. My absolute FAVORITE thing to get is the $5 Amazon gift cards. I made over $100 in Amazon money from swagbucks last year alone!  I try to save them up to help pay for Christmas or birthday presents!    I have been using swagbucks for about 2 years now and so glad I found them!
Here are some ways you can earn Swagbucks:
Search the web:
I use my swagbucks toolbar instead of Google and anytime I go to a site or search something I use it. Each time you win with a search it is averages 10 swagbucks and believe it or not, they add up FAST!
Daily Polls:
You can also do daily polls for which you will win 1 swagbuck automatically so that’s a guaranteed 30 a month.
Mega Swagbucks Day:

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