Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Giant PA- Hallmark greeting Card Deal!!!!- Money Maker

Wow- Are you in need of any greeting cards??, Even if you aren't, now is the time to buy them and stash away for that card occasion! Giant is running a promotion right now where when you buy 3 Hallmark Cards, it generates a $5 OYNO (off your next order) coupon! Best part about this is that the .99 cards are working for the deal, AND when using your bonus card, they are 10% off, making them .89!

Scenario 1:
Buy 3 .99 cards, ringing as .89.
Spend 2.67+ tax, get back a $5 OYNO coupon!!!

Scenario 2:
Buy 6 .99 cards
Total with tax= $5.66, use the $5 OYNO coupon, pay .66 oop
get back (2) $5 OYNO coupons!!!

Rinse & Repeat!!!!

The Only catch is you can only use ONE $5 OYNO coupon per transaction- I tried 2 and it didn't work, and they couldn't force it either. So keep that in mind for using them on future purchases.

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  1. Makes me want to wake up the baby and go to Giant!


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