Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Giant PA- Pampers Diaper Deals

Giant has two overlapping deals this week. One is a $25 mail-in-rebate offer when you spend $100 on P&G items. The other is a $5 back when you spend $20 on Pampers (a P&G item). Note that the $5 catalina you get back is ONLY good on Pampers items and says so right on it. There are lots of ways you could do this, this is what I did:

$19.99-box of Pampers

$2.69 tub-of Pampers wipes

For the first transaction, I was successfully able to use my $5 catalina that I got at Acme over the weekend. I also have the $0.20/wipes coupons from yesterday’s paper and various Pampers diapers coupons from the paper and home mailers. Anywhere from $1.50 to $3 off. Each transaction cost me about $15.xx for both after coupons & $5 catalina, and for each transaction, $23 worth of P&G credit towards the $100 would show up on my receipt. So I did the box of diapers/wipes transaction four times, which took me to about $92. I did get some Easy Ups and they are included in the promo.

Last transaction, just one jumbo pack ($8.99) and I used the $5 catalina AND a $1.50 coupon. That transaction only cost me $2.48 or something like that.

My final out of pocket was about $66, and I’ll send in the rebate form to get a $25 Visa gift card back.

$41 final total, for four big boxes of diapers, one jumbo pack of diapers and four tubs of wipes.

Of course once all was said & done and I was driving home, I realized I probably could have done better.

Two jumbo packs X 8.99=17.98 plus one tub of wipes at 2.69=20.67

From there, use two diaper coupons instead of one and one wipes coupon doubled- ($1.50+$1.50+$.40)=20.67-3.40-$5 catalina=$12.27 per transaction. But that one you would have to do five times to hit the $100. Final oop would be roughly $61, then $25 back, or $36 final total. You may end up with fewer diapers though. I think a big box has more than two jumbo packs, but you’d have ten jumbo packs & five tubs of wipes for $36 if you did it that way. Still a good deal.

Thankfully, we are out of the diaper stage at my house, but many of my friends still have young children, so this deal is for them. Thanks to Smart Spending Spot for this great deal.

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  1. sounds like a great deal. Too bad I don't have enough coupons to actually make it worth it though


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